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    Sam Smith “How Will I Know” Whitney Houston Cover // Hits 1 // SiriusXM

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    1. Me yesterday at school
    2. Me: *sees girl with Nirvana Shirt*
    3. Me: aww she might have an awesome music taste.
    4. Me: *goes to girl*
    5. Girl: hey.
    6. Me: I like your shirt
    7. She; i like yours too.
    8. Me: *-* she knows Asking Alexandria wow. How cool.
    9. *to the girl* whats your favourite band?
    10. Girl: 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction
    11. Me: ....
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    Will Anderson + ‘darling

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    Set your DVR for September 10th at 9 AM to watch us perform “Cool Kids” on The Today Show!


  8. On the Road with Passenger


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